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Wintec has always made riding easy and comfortable. Combining world-leading innovations and hi-tech materials in lightweight, weatherproof and easy-care saddles, it is easy to see why Wintec is the World’s number one synthetic saddle brand!


The comprehensive Wintec range offers not only cutting edge designs but new standards in fit, comfort and performance benefits for both horse and rider. Whether simply enjoying time together with their horse, or competing at any level, there is a model in the range for every horse and rider combination.

​All Wintec products you see on the Wintec web site are available through Patchwork Saddlery, please request delivery time and price.

Isabell Dressage Saddle


Designed for the dressage rider with serious aspirations, the Wintec Isabell was developed in consultation with World Dressage Champion Isabell Werth, and is the exact saddle she rides in today. Riders will sink into the perfectly crafted, ultra-deep and grippy seat and feel perfectly balanced and poised to focus on their aids, a position able to be fine-tuned by moving the stirrup bar for their optimal comfort. Riders will enjoy the super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their unique conformation and providing unparalleled freedom of movement for dressage training and competition.

Wintec 2000.jpg

2000 All Purpose (CAIR) Saddle


Unbeatable comfort and support for the rider who wants to do a little bit of everything! Riders will sink into the super soft seat of the Wintec 2000 All Purpose and experience total luxury in our top-of-the-range all purpose saddle. In this new model, their leg will easily find a natural groove and their contact and communication will become effortless. For their horse, we have created super-soft panels which mold in and around their muscles, hugging their unique conformation whether training or competing in any discipline.

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