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Ryder Saddles are British saddle makers who have been making, retailing and fitting top quality made to measure saddles for over 30 years.  All of their saddles are hand made on an individual basis by one of their qualified saddle makers.  They understand that people and horses come in all different shapes and sizes and most of our saddles can be made to suit your individual requirements. They fit and make saddles for Olympians to pleasure riders. 


Ryder Saddles are made from the highest-grade premium leather, ensuring that your saddle will last for many years. They use only 100% British wool from Jacobs’s sheep, we never use synthetic wool as over time this will become compressed and ball up to cause pressure points.


For information on the company and their full line:



A deep seated monoflap saddle with external blocks, the saddle is available in a full block and half block options. It is a lightweight monoflap saddle and incorporates the double SS panel which is a unique saddle design to Ryder. The panels are shaped in a way to allow the horse to work through his back and shoulders; there is a wide channel to ensure there is no tightness in that area and plenty of spine room.


This is the ideal saddle for horses that have shape to their wither but are very wide at the base of the wither. The saddle, even though made for wider horses, still maintains a narrow twist for the rider.




This Baroque saddle has been specifically developed by Ryder Saddles for the  warmblood and other such types. It particularly suits Friesian horses. The tree has exceptionally short points so as not to impinge shoulder movement and cause the horse to curl back at the rider. Made especially for horses that are wider around the wither area but have shape in the wither area. The tree used in this saddle is unique to Ryder Saddles having been developed by Glen after seeing the issues affecting these type/shape of horses over the years. This saddle has a moulded knee roll for support and a medium to deep seat and puts the rider in perfect balance. The girth straps have a balance strap (V girth) to help to keep the saddle secure for the warmblood's big movement. Available in all the Ryder options and a dual or mono flap model.



One of our most stunning saddles ever…. This saddle has all the features and ride-ability of a french saddle. However as with all our saddles the utmost care and thought has gone into the design of this saddle. The panel is designed to ensure the saddle fits your horse in the best possible way to give the best performance. The features of this saddle are a close contact seat, blocked knee pad and a Double SS wool flocked panel which is unique to Ryder. The concept and design of this saddle is to put the rider as close to the horse as possible. The saddle pictured is made in French calf and pig print hide, the full Ryder leather range is available.


Zara Jump


The Zara saddle is the ideal saddle for the rider that wants to do a little bit of everything - jumping, pleasure rides, cross country, hunting and schooling. The Zara is also a prefect saddle for the more petit rider. It is made on a slightly deeper tree to offer security and comfort, has moulded knee rolls as well as a rear block to keep the riders leg in a secure position. The Zara features 100% pure new wool panels and is made on a traditional tree.  It is a very neat saddle with a short panel so is also ideal for shorter backed horses.  Available as mono or dual flap saddle

Dressage GP


The  dressage GP is available on the Legacy, Baroque and Excellence Tree. This saddle is a dual flap with the block on the panel and a flat soft padded flap over the roll. The block can be fixed to the panel or you can choose to have a selection of rolls on Velcro. This saddle is a great saddle for those who want to ride out, do some schooling and jumping over smaller fences. As standard it has three short billet straps but if you prefer long billets this can be arranged. Full bespoke options are available on this saddle

Dressage GP.png
Jump GP.png

Jump GP


The Introducing the Ryder Jump GP. A versatile saddle for the traditional rider that wants to be comfortable and secure. This saddle has a double latex seat for extra comfort and softness and a slightly deeper rounded seat. It also benefits from a calf pad over the front and rear blocks to give you that used feel straight away. The blocks can be standard and attached to the panel or as shown in the pictures on Velcro and different size blocks selected. Another stunner from the house of Ryder! As standard it has three short billet straps but if you prefer long billets this can be arranged. Full bespoke options are available on this saddle

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