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Trained in the fitting of English saddles by The Society of Master Saddlers, Heidi has developed a keen eye for what constitutes proper fit, along with a thorough understanding of the ramifications of an ill-fitting saddle. She is committed to continuing her education in biomechanics and equitation and regularly attends educational opportunities that further her knowledge and understanding of all aspects of saddle fit and horse and rider performance.


Heidi is working towards her Qualified Saddle Fitter certification with the guidance of the Society of Master Saddlers in the UK. She is trained on bridle fitting & saddle fitting, onsite and bench flocking, bridle making and saddle making by members of the prestigious Worshipful Company of Saddlers. In addition to her training in all areas of saddlery and fitting, Heidi is an avid rider and horsewoman with experience in many disciplines and equestrian activities. As a Graduate member of the United States Pony Club, achieving her H certification, Heidi has been educated, and her knowledge tested, by panels of USPC National Examiners in many aspects of horsemanship including, conformation, anatomy and physiology, nutrition, lameness issues and diseases, shoeing and teaching and lunging skills.

Heidi manages her own horse facility and is actively engaged in foxhunting with the Genesee Valley Hunt and Eventing at USEA recognized competitions. She also dabbles in dressage, show jumping and hunter/jumpers as time allows and is a Horse Management Judge with the United States Pony Clubs, passing on her knowledge to the next generation of young riders. She plans to pursue becoming a Chief Horse Management Judge with the USPC as soon as she can fit it into her schedule!


The depth of knowledge and experience that Heidi possesses, in all aspects of horsemanship, gives her a thorough understanding of the challenges riders face, and the journey involved, when balancing comfort, fit and cost, in the pursuit of equestrian success!




Kim came to the world of horses as the mother of a horse-loving child (Heidi) and has developed her own love of horses and riding through her daughter's journey. 

Primarily a pleasure rider, Kim takes lessons regularly and continues to develop her knowledge and skills. She plans to do some hunter paces and schooling shows as time allows and is actively planning some camping trips with her horses!


Kim has completed courses at the North American Saddlery School: Bridle Fitting, Bench 1+2 and on-site flocking adjustment courses, as well as Levels 1+2 Bridle Courses. She continues to do course work annually to learn to make bridles, and to expand her repair services. She also has a keen interest in making custom leather goods such as bags, totes, purses and holsters. 

As you can see, Patchwork Saddlery is a family business. As a family of riders and horsewomen, we understand the needs of our customers and work diligently to meet those needs and to ensure that our knowledge and skills are maintained to the very highest standards! 



Ella has grown up immersed in her family's harness racing business, and has developed a passion for horses and horsemanship that extend well beyond the harness racing industry. An avid rider, who particularly enjoys working with off-track standardbreds, Ella has had the opportunity to take lessons with many different trainers, and to explore a wide range of disciplines. She is particularly interested in dressage, and plans to continue to develop her knowledge and skills in that area.



Since meeting Heidi, Ella has also developed an interest in, and passion for, saddlery. In addition to joining the staff at Patchwork Saddlery and beginning her training with Heidi, Ella has also begun her education with the North American Saddlery School, completing the Introduction to Saddle and Bridle Making course in October. Her plans include regular course work through the school, as she pursues her education as a bench saddler.

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