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Patchwork Saddlery is an independent saddle fitter. We can evaluate and/or service all makes and models of English saddles (regardless of which brand you choose to ride in), including jumping, all purpose, endurance, and dressage saddles. We are committed to working with any saddle you may have to make sure it is as perfect as possible for both you and your horse.  Should you be interested in purchasing a new saddle, we have different brands of saddles at different price points. The saddles that we have chosen to sell are saddles which adhere to the highest standards of quality.

As a trained and insured Society of Master Saddlers saddle fitter, it is our mission to ensure that your saddle allows you and your horse to perform at your very best, whether it be showing, hunting or pleasure riding!

Saddle Fitting Consultations take about 1 hour, and include the following:

- Complete assessment of your horse's health and soundness history.

- Measurements of your horse's back. These “tracings” are used to track your horse's growth and weight patterns.

- Thorough hands-on assessment of your horse's back to detect any irregularities or discomfort.

- Analysis of your horse in motion, both in-hand and on the lunge.

- Analysis of your saddle, on the cross-ties, and while riding.

- Test riding new and used saddles from our saddle stock.

The fee per horse is $150 plus travel

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