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bridle fitting

A comfortable horse is a compliant horse that is enjoyable to ride. Much of what you think of today as being training challenges could very well be your bridle's fault. Ill-fitted bridles are so prevalent that most people don't know how to spot one. It is such a problem that most bridle manufactures aren't even privy to equine facial anatomy to offer bridles that don't hurt or hinder your horse. 

Patchwork Saddlery offers a full-service bridle assessment, measuring and consult.


Your custom bridle fitting experience starts with a consultation about your horse and his needs. Each horse is allotted 60 minutes for their static and dynamic fit and the fee per horse is $75 plus travel.


To prepare for your bridle fitting, please have your horse groomed and ready at your appointment time. You will need your saddle and you should be dressed to ride. Please have your horse's regular bit(s) available for use with your fitting.

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