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Let us help you sell your saddle! We carry a variety of safe, symmetrical, and sound used saddles and work to assure proper fit and fair market value. 

We thoroughly evaluate saddles for our program and select saddles we know appeal to our regional market.

If you are interested in consigning your saddle please contact us and send us your saddle information. Saddles will not be accepted at the store without prior approval. If your saddle is accepted the terms are as follows:

  • Saddles are contracted for 4 months (occasionally longer at the discretion of Patchwork Saddlers) 

  • Consignment rate is 20% of saddles' selling price

  • Saddles are promoted via our store, website, saddle fittings, test rides and occasionally on Ebay

  • Consignment saddles will be allowed to go out on trial with perspective buyers

  • Saddles are subject to some wear, as all our saddles are available for test rides

  • When your saddle sells, you will be mailed a check within a month

  • If your saddle does not sell, you will be contacted to pick up or make shipping arrangements within 10 days. The consignor is responsible for all shipping charges.

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