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Cob Adapt Montar Jumper Bridle #32B

Cob Adapt Montar Jumper Bridle #32B

SKU: 32B
$359.00 Regular Price
$240.00Sale Price
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The Adapt bridle is the ultimate in luxury for your horse.

The sculpted crown eases pressure around sensitive spots (such as the ears, TMJ and poll).

The unique design allows you to have more clearance at the poll without taking away from support or stability.

The versatile noseband helps you control your horse while keeping them comfortable, and provides a better fit than most nosebands. Subtle curves allow space around the horse's sensitive facial nerves and jaw, while the padding provides a cushion for the jaw bone.

This bridle is best suited for horses that may need help seeking contact forward and down, are too light or sucked back in the bridle, and those with sensitivity in areas a traditional cavesson style noseband touches.

  • Size:


  • Color:

    Brown, tone-in-tone stitching

  • Patchwork Number:


The fit of every saddle is unique. Even if the makers, models, and sizes are the same between two saddles, the fit may be different. Adjustments and customizations may have been made, or models may have changed over the years. In the case of hand-made saddles, no two saddlers' work is exactly alike.

All measurements provided have either been taken directly from saddle stamps, or are approximate measurements taken by Patchwork Saddlery staff. This information is provided as a courtesy, and is not a guarantee of size or fit.

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