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Frequently asked questions

  • What kind of saddles do you work with?
    I work with any brand of "English" style saddles, including: All Purpose, Dressage, and Jump/Close Contact. For those saddles that have flocked(wool or synthetic stuffing) panels, I am able to adjust or reflock entirely. For saddles with foam panels, I can check for fit and determine if there are any viable padding options. I am also available to assess fit and padding options for Western saddles.
  • What is included in the Assessment fee?
    We will talk about his health history and I will document everything that may relate to saddle fit and performance. Templates, or tracings, of your horses back will be taken, as well as photos of his conformation to have on file. These will be used when reflocking a saddle, and also kept on file to determine if his back has changed between visits. I will then evaluate the existing saddle (or we can discuss a potential new one).I will assess for fit on the cross-ties and watch the horse move without the saddle (lunging or free lunging) observing his range of motion and striding. Next, I watch the horse move with a saddle but no rider, and finally, I watch you ride in the saddle. All findings and observations are documented in your horses file. The entire process takes approximately 1 hour.
  • What if I have multiple saddles for you to look at?
    The entire process is repeated and I document every saddle that we work with for your horses file.
  • What are the rates if I'm looking to purchase a new saddle?
    If you are looking to purchase a new saddle from me, I only charge the assessment fee. You are not obligated to purchase any of the saddles I offer, and I will keep records of your horse's information in case you find another saddle that you'd like me to look at. ​ If you decide to purchase one of my saddles, you will pay for the saddle up front, delivery included. Also included with the purchase of a new saddle is a complimentary saddle check and flocking adjustment (excludes farm call and any mileage), that must be scheduled within ninety days of purchase of the saddle. After ninety days, regular rates apply.
  • When should I call you to have my saddle checked?
    It's a good idea to have your saddle checked if your horse's behavior or performance suddenly changes, if he develops a mystery lameness, or if you feel the underneath of the saddle is uneven, hard and/or lumpy. ​ Anew saddles should be checked 2-3 months after you've been riding in it. Saddles with flocked panels should be checked every 3-6 months to yearly to make sure they haven't packed down too much. This may be needed more frequently if your horse has a tendency to change seasonally.
  • Do you offer onsite reflocking?
    Yes and no. I offer "on site" flocking up for any saddle (this is a top off which means adjusting the current flocking and adding flocking as needed).For any saddle that requires a complete reflock (also known as a strip flock),this must be taken apart on my bench to be reflocked properly.
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