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We can perform a wide range of repairs and modifications to English/Western saddles & tack. Please contact us for any repair or modification.

Here is a short list of the repairs that we commonly manage. 

​- Repair or replace billets

- Repair girths, bridles, and halters

- Replace missing keepers- Replace hardware and nail heads

- Re-flock panels using wool

- We can also clean and re-condition leather



A saddle is only as good as the tree it's built on. Cracked trees, broken rivets, or asymmetries in the tree pose a significant health and safety risk to both you and your horse. If your saddle has been dropped, rolled on, or if you tend to grab the cantle when mounting, there could be damage that you are unaware of. Having your saddle tree inspected is a good idea if you're unsure of its integrity. 




If your saddle needs a bit of a lift, a flocking adjustment can be just the thing to make your horse much happier. A flocking adjustment is done off-site, with templates and photos of your horse taken to ensure that the correct adjustments are made. The tree of the saddle is inspected for safety. Once the saddle is adjusted, I deliver it to you and ensure that it's fitting properly, unless other arrangements are made.

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