Hastilow & Sons

Hastilow & Sons saddles are designed to be completely adjustable. Built on a Bio-Kinetic Tree with Simatree

technology, this saddle is an excellent choice for horses that are anticipated to change and riders that don't

want to buy a new saddle every time they switch horses or if their horse changes.

Hastilow saddles are crafted by hand by Master Saddlers. There are multiple leather and welting options to choose from. Not only are these saddles completely adjustable for the horse, they are completely custom for the rider. As the rider you can specify the depth of seat, twist, flap length and forwardness, and more!


These fully custom saddles are very reasonable! Saddle retail price starts at $3800.


Fairfax competition saddles are designed by professionals for professionals. The team behind these saddles combines a mixture of international riding expertise, saddle-fitting acumen and technical design knowledge together with five decades of English saddle-making experience.


A changeable gullet featuring the Simatree is one of several adjustable features that enable the professional saddle-fitter to achieve a bespoke fit for each horse's individual conformation.


The Fairfax Competition Collection - a range of saddles created purely for performance.


Saddle retail price starts at $2900, these luxurious saddles are a dream to ride in.

Kent & Masters

Like the Hastilow, Kent & Masters saddles are built with Simatree technology, making them fully adaptable for the horse.  These saddles provide optimal support for the rider, both in the position of the stirrup bars and in the fact that the thigh blocks are movable. Multiple built in billeting options allow for the most comfortable girthing arrangement for your horse. The soft, supple leather creates for a comfortable ride while the 100% wool allows for the utmost in breathability and adaptability


Starting $1500.00 for original models, $1700 for S-Series, these saddles are excellent for riders on a tighter budget.


Addiken Saddle Fitting is committed to working with any saddle you may have to make sure it is as perfect as possible for both you and your horse.  Should you be interested in purchasing a new saddle, we have different brands of saddles to at different price points.  The saddles that we have chosen to sell are saddles adhere to the highest standards of quality. 


All of the saddles we sell are built on a Bio-Kinetic Tree with Simatree technology.  Simatree offers a changeable gullet bar, much like Wintecs, Pessoas, and Ovations.  What makes it unique, however, is that it's not just the tree points that are widened or narrowed.  The rails of the tree expand and contract to provide the horse with a better fit along the spine. This level of adjustability coupled with 100% wool flocked panels means that you can completely adapt your saddle to your horse.  All trees have a lifetime warranty.

These saddles look and feel so good it's hard to imagine that they're part synthetic! Built on the Simatree, with real wool flocked panels, they're just as adaptable as the Hastilow and Kent & Masters saddles. These saddles are great for the beginning rider or the rider who spends a lot of time hacking in the rain! Leather seat and knee with synthetic leather flaps and skirts.


All Purpose and VSD saddles also available.


Priced at $995, they're perfect for anyone on a budget.

Saddle Pads 

We carry Hastilow Saddle Pads in two ranges. The Concept Range pads are contoured to the back to ensure that movement is eliminated. They were designed with the help of the Pliance Pressure System. Different back types allow a pressure and wrinkle free fit without "hammocking." The second style of pads we carry is the Prolite Range. Prolite pads offer 3-in-1 protection ... first by absorbing impact from strikes and blows or rider movement, second by dispersing pressure points over a wider area, and third by absorbing lateral movement remaining still against the skin.​

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