Please have your horse present and clean at your scheduled appointment time and be prepared to ride. 

​Time 1.5 - 2 hours depending on what needs to be done.


  • A history of your horse and any problems with your saddle will be discussed and recorded.

  • Your horse's back  will be palpated and evaluated for symmetry to check for soreness and anything that might affect saddle fit. 

  • There will be a movement evaluation to check for tensions or restrictions that could be caused by saddle fit.  This check will involve walking and trotting your horse on a straight line.

  • The integrity of your saddle is checked which involves checking the tree for soundness, checking stitching, billets and the saddle panels for balance and structure.

  • Tracing templates will be taken and provided to you so that you can keep track of your horse's changes over time or for use when saddle shopping.

  • A static (standing) evaluation of the saddle on the horse will be done.

  • An evaluation of horse and rider under saddle will be completed.

  • Based on my initial assessment, I will then make recommendations and we will discuss options. 

  • If your saddle requires flocking, you will be required to get back on so that we can re-check the fit. This is a very important balance check because your horse's back can change quite a bit from standing static to being in motion.

If the structure of your saddle panels does not allow for flocking through flocking holes, it will require me to drop the panels to flock your saddle which must be done at my shop.

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